Visit Estonia re-starts on the Swedish market together with PR agency EHRENBERG S├śRENSEN Kommunikation

tirsdag, 6 juli 2021

Visit Estonia re-starts on the Swedish market together with PR agency EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation 

Before the pandemic, tourism as an industry accounted for 8% of the GDP in Estonia, with the neighboring countries being the biggest markets. Now, Visit Estonia is re-starting on the Swedish market to attract the Swedish visitors and to succeed in this, they have appointed the PR agency EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation. 

We are looking forward to our re-start in Sweden, and to welcoming the Swedish visitors back to Estonia. We want everyone to know that we have a lot to offer to our visitors, from local specialties and gourmet food to unique accommodations and nature, where freedom to roam gives tourists the privilege to discover and experience so much more. While traveling to Estonia, visitors can use the label ‘You are safe here’ for orientation. This visual tool will enable visitors to know which establishments they can trust to follow our stringent protocols. The safety of everyone – staff, residents and tourists – is of paramount importance to us and we look forward to welcoming everyone back again, as safely as is possible,” says Kadri Gröön, Head of International Media and Food theme at Visit Estonia.

EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation have extensive experience in working to increase the visibility of destinations on the Scandinavian and northern European market. A collaboration between Visit Estonia and EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation will aim to increase the Swedish tourists’ awareness of and interesting in visiting the country and mediate the focus areas of Visit Estonia; food and drink, nature and culture. 

”We are looking forward to increase the knowledge and awareness about Estonia as a destination among Swedish travelers. Estonia is a country influenced by the Baltics, Russia, as well as Scandinavia and is full of contrasts with historic places and a contemporary, progressive culture, delicious food, and scenic nature. As we’re looking forward to a brighter future of the travel and experience industry, we want to open the eyes of the Swedes to Estonia, the hidden gem so close by,” says Allan Sonne Sørensen, partner and CEO of EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation.

About Visit Estonia
Visit Estonia has a mission to inspire the world travellers to discover one of Europe’s best kept secret - a place that fuses Nordic, Baltic, Scandic and Soviet. A nation that’s taken the best of each chapter, to write its own unique story. A country that isn’t even on radar for many. But it’s about time it was. Today Visit Estonia is focused on emotional, experience-based storytelling, ensuring a deeper connection with their audience. The tourism organisation speaks to those with a passion for nature, culture and food, with compelling and emotive reasons to visit and experience what the nation has to offer.

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