Three PR Report Awards for EHRENBERG Kommunikation

fredag, 17 november 2017


For 15 years, the PR Report Awards, have been rewarding outstanding communications campaigns. Last night, Germany's most renowned communications awards gathered the industry in Berlin once again.

Our German colleagues were on spot to accept not only one, but three PR Report Awards for the “Search Racism. Find Truth.” and “SheepView360” campaigns – and of course, our pride was great.  

To sum it up, “SheepView360” won in the “International Communications” category and “Search racism. Find truth” took the award for “Creative and Innovative Communications”. We see both those awards in prestigious categories as a testament to the great work we try to do for our clients every day. Yet we are particularly proud of the third one: “Search racism. Find truth.” managed to win the hearts of the nearly 1,000 guests of the winner’s night and was awarded the first time ever audience award. With three awards in total, we also came second at the awards table with the total number of awards.

Once again, we’d like to use the opportunity to thank Visit Faroe Islands and Mensch Mensch Mensch e.V. for being brave clients, Liquidminds and FCB Zürich for the great collaboration and last but not least, all our colleagues onstage and behind the scenes, who made this happen. Proud to be a part of the team!

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