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tirsdag, 21 oktober 2014

Team EHRENBERG, clients and friends celebrate 20 years of communication in style.

A smart business idea combined with a lively contact network and the attitude that change should not be feared but steered: These are three of the main ingredients that have made EHRENBERG Kommunikation one of the leading communication agencies in Northern Europe. Twenty years after the company was founded, Magnus Ehrenberg and his team welcomed clients, partners and friends of the house to a great party in Copenhagen, home to the agency’s Scandinavia-HQ.

“We at EHRENBERG Kommunikation take pride in being hands-on people focused on our clients’ success”, says Magnus Ehrenberg, founder and CEO at EHRENBERG Kommunikation. “But we also know how to celebrate when the occasion is right”.

After a welcome reception with specialities freshly prepared by Bornholm’s chef-icon Jan Gildam, the 60 people strong party moved on to the restaurant venue The Standard. Having been a ferry terminal for the link between Malmö and Copenhagen for many years, this location was full of history both for Magnus and many of the guests. The close relationship that has evolved over two decades and more between clients and the agency was also expressed in a number of personal statements.

“I just want to say thank you for all the friendly words, the many presents and great atmosphere created by everyone who took part. The entire team feels that this night served as a turbo-boost for the coming ten years,” concludes Magnus with a view to the next festivities, hopefully no later than in 2024.

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