Swedes will discover German wine

torsdag, 15 december 2016

Light, elegant and a perfect match to the Nordic cuisine. These are the characteristics of German wine according to Deutsches Weininstitut. They now hand over the task of communicating German wine in Sweden, to EHRENBERG Kommunikation.

For many consumers, wine and other noble beverages are strongly associated with emotional values. Many associate a glass of wine with a delicious meal or a social gathering. This can clearly be seen in the communication and marketing of bigger wine producers and suppliers. Internationally, a style of modern German wine from a new generation of wine makers, have received great success. However, this perception of German wine is still missing in Sweden. Germany have over many years held a solid position on the Swedish market. The latest quarterly report from Swedish state monopoly shows a market share of 3,6%. Even so, many Swedes do not have an emotional connection to German wine.

Deutsches Weininstitut aim to deepen the relationship between Swedish consumers and German wine and create clear synergies between the wine and Swedish traditions. To strengthen the position of German wine in Sweden, they have appointed EHRENBERG Kommunikation as new communication partner.

”There is great potential for German wine in Sweden. The Swedes are generally very knowledgeable wine drinkers and German wine holds a high quality, whether it’s white, red or sparkling. The wines have a fresh and fruity flavour agreeing with contemporary tendencies and matching the Nordic cuisine extremely well. We want to share these stories and let the people of Sweden get to know our wines", Monika Reule, CEO of Deutsches Weininstitut, explains.

Starting next year, EHRENBERG Kommunikation will represent German wine in Sweden from their office in Malmö as well as from a new establishment in Stockholm. The international communication agency has since the start of 2016 been representing wines of Germany in Denmark, and now the collaboration is expanding even further. Even though the agency has experience with communicating German wine in Scandinavia, the Swedish market is much different from their neighbours’. Magnus Ehrenberg, founder of EHRENBERG Kommunikation, welcomes the challenge.

“There has been a silent revolution going on in Germany over the last 20 years and today you can find German wines of excellent quality in Sweden. Even so, Germany holds a relatively small market share. We want to help Swedish wine lovers find the gems that the connoisseurs found years ago and give German wine the reputation it deserves,” says Magnus Ehrenberg.

EHRENBERG Kommunikation will operate under ”Wines of Germany” both towards importers, consumers and media in Sweden.


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