October Newsletter 2023

mandag, 16 oktober 2023

As the warmth of summer fades and leaves begin to paint the landscape in vibrant hues, we find ourselves standing on the threshold of a new season – autumn.

At EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, we're delighted to share a glimpse into our world, where creativity, collaboration, and innovation converge to shape remarkable communication narratives.
Over the summer, we've had the pleasure of extending our team with fresh, talented minds, infusing new energy and perspectives into our work. And as we continue to honor our commitment to loyal clients, we are looking forward to forming exciting new collaborations and partnerships as well.

Stepping into this season of change, we reaffirm our commitment to growth and innovation to become the best partner for clients in the sectors transport, tourism and food & wine. And as part of our commitment to the industries that we are working within, we are introducing a new feature in this newsletter dedicated to knowledge-sharing, which we hope you'll find insightful and worth your while.

Allan Sonne Sørensen, Partner & CEO.

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