Marcus Lantz – Public Affairs in these times

torsdag, 30 april 2020

Our Public Affairs Advisor Marcus Lantz shares his thoughts on why it is more important than ever for businesses to act proactively today. 

Governments and national parliaments are now working intensively to deal with the effects of the ongoing crisis, but it is not certain that everyone fully understands the effects or knows what measures different industries need. It is, for example, clear that the transport sector is severely affected and that further measures are needed here. We can also see how different countries have acted differently to save businesses.

We see how businesses, under these prevailing circumstances, depends on policy efforts to make it through the crisis. Now is the time for businesses and organisations to invest in nurturing the relationship with politicians and civil servants.

A first important step is to make direct contact with relevant politicians - both from government and opposition. In most countries, the government acts broadly across party borders in these times and proposals from the opposition are often picked up. Although it is not possible to arrange physical politician meetings, many politicians currently have time for video calls where you can briefly and concisely explain how the crisis affects you and what measures are needed.

Be brief and concrete - politicians receive input from all different kind of actors. If you can briefly describe the impact on your business and what specific measures may be needed, chances are it can be picked up.

Don't forget the European level. The European Union has a crucial role to play to mitigate the effects on the European economy. EU already has and will probably to an even greater extent present measures to help the Member States and European business. Don't forget to contact your Member of the European Parliament as well as relevant officials in the Commission.


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