EHRENBERG Kommunikation wins silver Swedish Grand Prize for PR

fredag, 17 februar 2017

Yesterday evening, we won silver at Stora PR-priset, the Swedish Grand Prize for Public Relations. The prize was awarded for the cross-border campaign Sheepview 360 we executed for the destination Visit Faroe Islands and Atlantic Airways together with Danish agency Liquidminds on the markets Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, US and UK. 

“I am very proud and honored to receive this award. For me, Sheepview 360 is a prime example for how far PR can get you. We made sure to create a good story around a small destination in the middle of the North Atlantic that braves Google, a giant global corporation. To tell this story successfully, we worked with classic PR tools like press releases and pitching those towards the media, but also with movies, creating engagement with our hashtag #wewantgooglestreetview and with continuing and boosting our story constantly to keep it running for a longer time. It was especially great to be a part of yesterday’s award ceremony in Stockholm as we have just opened our own office here. We are off to a good start and I am confident that many more creative and effective campaigns that make the difference for our clients will follow.”, says Magnus Ehrenberg, Founder & President of EHRENBERG Kommunikation.

The aim of our campaign was to create awareness for the unique beauty of the Faroe Islands, thus attracting more tourists to the destination. Sheepview 360 put focus on the fact that unlike most other parts of the world, Google hadn’t mapped the Faroe Islands on Google Street View yet. To change this, we took matters into our own hands by placing 360° cameras on the back of Faroese sheep and uploading the photos to Google Street View. In the end, the mission was accomplished: Few weeks into the campaign, Google arrived to the Faroe Islands to map the islands.

The Sheepview 360 campaign was featured in world-wide media such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Aftonbladet, Bild, Der Spiegel, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, Politiken and DR2. Social media users were mobilized via the hashtag #wewantgooglestreetview, making the campaign quickly go viral.


- Reach: + 1,000,000,000
- + 7,000 news stories
- + 42,200 webpage mentions
- PR ROI: + 150,000% 

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