Change of guard at EHRENBERG Kommunikation

fredag, 4 september 2015

After more than 20 years at the helm of EHRENBERG Kommunikation, founder and majority owner Magnus Ehrenberg has decided to step up and take the position of Executive Chairman and dedicate most of his time to strategic consulting and helping the agency’s clients.

As of 1st October Allan Sonne Sørensen will take the reins as new CEO of the international communications agency with own offices in Denmark, Sweden & Germany. Working for EHRENBERG since 2010, Allan is a familiar face at the agency and has until now held the position as Partner & Head of PR Scandinavia.

EHRENBERG has experienced a rapid demand for the agency’s services in the later years, and the change in management is part of a larger optimisation of the organisation, which is done in order to create an even more customer focused agency with even better use of the competences of all employees.

Three quick questions for Magnus Ehrenberg & Allan Sonne Sørensen 

Magnus Ehrenberg

You will leave the position as CEO to become Executive Chairman. What does this mean?

"I have been the CEO of EHRENBERG Kommunikation for more than 20 years and the decision has been maturing for quite some time. When really listening to my gut feeling, I want to dedicate my time to providing strategic advice to top managers, developing our existing clients and working with new markets rather than the daily management of the agency.

I have always worked a lot, and if any, I want to work even more in the coming years with the things that I do best and where I can hopefully make the biggest positive impact for our clients, who will be seeing even more of me in the future." 

What are your expectations to Allan Sonne Sørensen as new CEO?

"I have been working together with Allan for more than 5 years and I know that he possesses the qualities that EHRENBERG stands for: A clear focus on results, less talk and more action and not least a strong dedication to making a difference for our clients. Adding to this his strong personal drive and the ability to create internal commitment and forging strong customer relations, I feel very confident that we together can take EHRENBERG to new heights. Although friends of the house might say that the reorganisation will not bring large changes, as Allan has been Deputy CEO for several years, and I will continue as Executive Chairman, I firmly believe that the new organisation is the right setup to secure further growth and strengthen our position as an agency on all markets."

Allan Sonne Sørensen

What do you say about being at the helm of the agency as CEO?

"I am deeply honoured to have been entrusted with this assignment. EHRENBERG Kommunikation is Magnus’ life work, and I will give my all to strengthen the positive path that we are on. I have a deep understanding of the history and DNA that make us EHRENBERG, which we shall harness and develop even further.

In a world of communication agencies, we want to set new standards for how we strengthen the business of our clients. Our ambition is not to become the biggest, but the best agency within our core business areas. We want to deliver the best and most effective communication solutions and continue to forge strong and long-lasting relations with our growing number of clients. Both Magnus and myself agree that the journey for EHRENBERG has just started."

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